SMASH 2014 Report!- SUNDAY

Kageyama | Sugawara | Hinata | Sawamura | Tsukishima | Nishinoya | Yamaguchi | Tanaka

Yo sorry this took me forever and a bit to get around doing and I don’t even remember what I wanted to write about so here I am doing this on the fly HAHA OK HERE WE GO 

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I don’t even know how much of a report this is going to be like because IT’S MONTHS OVERDUE and I’ll probably just post photos and add commentary…?!




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SMASH 2013 Report! (Saturday- THE ACTUAL CON)


RONPAS ASSEMBLE!!! Classic school polaroid photo!

So after all the excitement during the first day in Sydney, we managed to wake up pretty early to get our faces on.

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SMASH 2013 Report! (Friday- Getting there!)

Oh dear god for some reason I stupidly decided to draw a lot of little doodles to accompany my report so now I have to divide this into two parts because THAT’S A BUTTLOAD OF PICTURES TO SIFT THROUGH…

So anyway! HERE WE GO.

I was flying up to Sydney with the lovely Kaori at ass o’clock in the morning, only to find out that our flight had been delayed by 3 hours.

(I’m sorry babe I forgot what you were wearing, I only remember a Burberry scarf…) Virgin Blue is the name of the airline we were flying with for those who aren’t aware.

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SMASH 2012 Report!

(Me with Cee!)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table during SMASH- whether to buy, look or just to say hi! Although, it was actually mostly Pet who was manning my table, so if you remember a gorgeous hime-fringed girl, THAT WAS HER+*+*+

Even though I wasn’t at my table much, throughout the time that I WAS there, I have to say that I am so glad to have SMASH as my last fan trading event. The crowd was just so friendly, and all the customers I met were all such lovely people. Thank you for making my last trading experience such a great one…!

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve written a proper report, so please bear with me if it’s a little less… coherent (not that they ever were—) so, for more pictures and the stories, read the rest under the cut!

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